What We Offer

We cover all aspects of detailing and tailor our dynamic range of services to suit the specific requirements of your vehicle. Our services include

Entry Level Wash Packages


Exterior Detailing: Wax

  • All painted surfaces are thoroughly clay-barred to remove contaminants after hand washing the exterior with spot-free water. From paint overspray and brake dust to tree sap, we remove everything that regular washing can’t, giving your paint an ultra-smooth feel.

  • Professional-grade wax is then applied to impart a brilliant shine using a dual-action buffer. It offers three to six months of paint protection.



Exterior hand washing is followed by clay-barring the painted surfaces to remove all sorts of contaminants. Professional-grade sealant is then applied to give it a brilliant shine and offer 9-12 months of paint protection.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is done to restore your vehicle’s faded/oxidized paint and take out swirl marks from rough washing.

Ceramic Coating

  • After hand washing and clay-barring, swirls, scratches, and fading are removed by compounding paint using a high-speed rotary buffer.

  • Paint is then polished to restore gloss and give it that deep glow and shine.

  • A light acid-based cleaner breaks down salt, rust, rail deposits, and industrial fallout particles deeply embedded in the paint surface by chemically breaking it down and rinsing it off.

  • The paint is then wiped clean with isopropyl alcohol to prepare it for ceramic coating.

  • Professional ceramic coating is then applied in a dust-free area to give your vehicle a beautiful finish that will offer protection for up to 5 years, depending on chosen product.

Interior Detailing

Our comprehensive interior detailing services aim to deep-clean your vehicle’s interior from top to bottom, carpet to headliner. It includes shampoo/steam cleaning of all carpet and upholstery treatment to kill bacteria and odors, and conditioning of all surfaces from dashboard and door jambs to windows and vents.